Shoelace Locks V2.0 (Two Pairs)

Shoelace Locks V2.0 (Two Pairs)


Never tie your shoelaces again! This design can be attached to any pair of shoes and fed through to solve a simple every day problem.

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Step 1


Undo the shoelaces so that there are three holes open, and the shoelace is coming out from the top of the shoe.

Step 2

Now attach the main body and the lock together, feeding the shoelace under the first hole, and over the second. make sure the shoelace gets fed through both the main body and the lock when going through the second hole.

Step 3

Feed the lace over the second shoelace, and under the third. Make sure not to pull the shoelace tight, you want to leave some slack so that when it's tight, it lines up in the center and makes it easier to use.

Step 4

Feed the shoelace under the third hole in the main body, and then over the last hole in the shoe and tie it off.

Step 5

Repeat step 2 through 4 using the clip. Make sure to slide the clip all the way through and lock it in place. The amount of tension put when tightening will determine how tight the shoes will be while wearing them

It's best to put the left side on with the foot in place so it is easier to determine how tight it should be.

Step 6

Tie off the end and you're done! With the exccess shoelace, you can either tuck it inside the shoe, or do a very loose knot at the end for show.